Ibogaine offers an alternative to traditional twelve-step programs that work for some but fall short of providing a permanent solution to alcohol addiction. Most of these programs only provide a 7% success rate and addicts are usually in treatment for 3-6 months and sometimes up to a year. Ibogaine on the other hand offers an addiction free life at the end of the 48 hour treatment and has seen up to an 80% success rate in helping alcoholics live without alcohol. Ibogaine works by resetting the neurotransmitters in one’s brain and acts as a psycho-spiritual tool that helps alcoholics look deeply into their past to target why they became addicted to the substance in the first place. People that become alcoholics are usually trying to escape some pain from trauma that has happened in their past. Alcohol helps them to escape the feelings and memories that cause them pain. Ibogaine helps take the alcoholic on a deeply introspective psychological journey that helps them discover and process the reasons for their addiction. Treatment with Ibogaine is usually administered the second day a patient has not had any alcohol. Physical withdrawal symptoms are at their most intense in this period and this is the best time for Ibogaine to be administered to work effectively with chemicals in the brain. Ibogaine works in two different phases starting with a visionary period that lasts between 4-6 hours. The visionary phase of Ibogaine treatment produce’s a dream-like state of altered consciousness where the patient is taken on a deep psychological journey where they see many different aspects of their life. This phase helps a patient to discover and let go of the painful reasons addiction became a part of their life. It is here where emotional memories and past traumas are processed. The second phase of Ibogaine treatment is known as the introspective phase of Ibogaine. This period of healing helps a patient to find the forgiveness for others that have caused them pain and help lead them to addiction. Most importantly this deeply introspective phase of treatment allows alcoholics to forgive themselves for all the damage and hurt they have caused both themselves and others. At the end of Ibogaine therapy which usually lasts 36-48 hours, patients find an entirely new reality that is full of hope and promise. By helping one to release old wounds and emotional traumas that were deeply embedded in an addict’s psyche, Ibogaine offers a new lease on life that allows for transformation at a deep psychological level. Life after Ibogaine is one that is enjoyed alcohol free with a positive outlook and a new reason for living.

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