Addiction is one of the most difficult things to treat. Stemming from deep within the mind, this socio-medical condition affects millions of people in many different ways. It is necessary to understand how addiction works in order to receive treatment that works effectively. A principle understanding among the addiction treatment community is that addicts often end up at their addicted state suffering from both physical and psychological dependency.

Physical addiction keeps addicts in dependent on their drug of choice. Whether it is alcohol, opiates, or nicotine physical withdrawals are uncomfortable and often very painful. Physical withdrawal symptoms include sweating and tremors, as well as vomiting and other uncontrollable bodily functions.

Before an addiction can be eliminated, the physical and emotional cravings must be vanquished. This is the hardest part of becoming free from addiction and is what keeps addicts stuck in a vicious cycle that is detrimental to their overall well-being and happiness. Before an addict can change their lives, the need for their drug of choice must be completely eliminated.

Relief from Physical and Emotional Craving with Ibogaine

Ibogaine has been proven so effective because of its immense power to alleviate the physical and emotional cravings that keep addicts trapped in enslavement. Relief from these cravings and complete freedom is gained after Ibogaine treatment.

Physical addiction is thwarted through a complex chemical structure that takes place within the mind through Ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine chemically helps block neurotransmitters of addiction through a convoluted scientific process that is often difficult to understand. If you wish to learn more about the scientific process of Ibogaine, please see references we have outlined in the Resources tab on our website.

The alleviation of psychological addiction through Ibogaine therapy is reached by bringing addicts to a mental state where they can release the emotions and feeling which keep them trapped in their addiction. Ibogaine helps to destroy self-hatred and help an addict see themselves in a new way.Ibogaine works by putting the addict in a deep, introspective state. During this time, they reflect on the past with a newfound clarity. Ibogaine takes the patient on a journey of self-discovery as to why they have chosen to be addicted in the first place. Through this powerful therapy, they are able to let go of resentments and deeply rooted psychological beliefs. It allows a patient to see clearly and completely resets the neurotransmitters in their brain to function without dependency. Patients will see light where there was once only darkness and open themselves to a future they never believed possible that is full of optimism, positivity, and promise.

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