TREATMENTS • Methadone Addiction

Methadone has been used for years as a substitute and a medical treatment for Heroin addiction. However, many individuals that begin using Methadone become addicted for life. What’s worse is that many of these same individuals will use Methadone, along with other prescription drugs, in order to achieve a euphoria similar to their former Heroin addiction. It’s no coincidene that the side effects of Methadone use mirror Heroin addiction. Using Methadone can be much like choosing the “lesser of two evils.” Restlessness, irritability, tiredness, nausea, etc. are all different ways our body is telling us this is not something we want to continue using. Not only is this not an effective long term treatment, but it also continues to keep an individuals in a similar mental state as an addict. Though they may have a less harmful and less altering drug addiction they still experience much of the depression and lack of energy that can come with any prescription pill addiction. This is because Methadone is not a solution to a drug problem, but a treatment. It continues to keep an individual addicted and using it with the hopes that one day they can eventually quit using.

Getting off of Methadone can be a struggle. Although less intense than getting off of Heroin or a stronger opiate, Methadone still has addictive properties and can be difficult to stop using. Overcoming any addiction without Ibogaine can be difficult. It takes the body time to adjust to the absence of the addiction. The brain must begin to compensate for the lack of specific chemicals. This often leads to depression and many other negative side effects to not being on the drug. Ibogaine can be a very effective solution for getting off of Methadone. Ibogaine works in the brain with the natural receptors found inside of the brain. In this way Ibogaine works to eliminate drug cravings and help the brain to produce the much needed chemicals in order to promote a healthy recovery. Ibogaine helps by resetting the brain and putting the addict back on track for full recovery. Our strategy is simple. Using Ibogaine we can eliminate the cravings from the Methadone addiction. This is a breath of fresh air for many addicts who have been trying to get off of Methadone for years. Our clinic is designed to not only provide you with the physical Ibogaine treatment but also to help you psychologically with the next phase of your life–living Methadone free.

Ibogaine works effectively to get you off of the Methadone within 72 hours. It is designed to eliminate your addiction and help you cope with many of the psychological issues that come with that addiction. We have a full medical staff on site as well as a licensed medical Doctor who specializes in Ibogaine treatment. Safety in treatment is our top priority. We want you to have a positive Ibogaine experience. Ibogaine has proven time and time again to be a positive solution to Methadone addiction. It can help any Methadone addict quickly recover and eliminate their Methadone addictions.

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