Ibogaine and the Treatment of Cocaine and Crack Addiction

Treatment is available to those whom find they want relief from the addiction to cocaine and crack and the prison it entraps them in. Ibogaine is an excellent solution for treating addiction to cocaine and crack and offers an alternative treatment to others with less of a success rate. Those treated for addictions with Ibogaine have a 60-80 percent success rate while traditional twelve-step programs that are used for cocaine and crack addiction fall well below a ten percent success rate. Ibogaine works by relieving both psychological and physiological symptoms of the addiction to cocaine and crack. People treated with Ibogaine have reported complete recovery from the physical withdrawal symptoms of the drug after treatment is over. For Ibogaine to work effectively it is administered when withdrawal symptoms from the drug are at their peak. After the Ibogaine wears off physical withdrawal symptoms have completely disappeared.

Working by resetting the neurotransmitters in the brain that are destroyed through the use of cocaine and crack, Ibogaine resets your brain’s chemistry allowing for the brain to begin functioning normally again. As a psycho-spiritual tool, Ibogaine takes the patient on a visionary journey that aides in self-discovery and allows the addict to better understand the reasons he or she became addicted in the first place. Ibogaine works in two separate phases. After administration of Ibogaine, the first phase begins where the patient enters an alternate state of consciousness. This visionary phase of Ibogaine usually lasts 4-6 hours and produces a dream-like state where the patient recalls and processes past emotional memories and traumas.

The second phase of Ibogaine treatment is an introspective journey into the memories and traumas that have been processed in the first phase. This deeply introspective psychological journey allows the patient to forgive others that have caused them pain in the past. Most importantly, Ibogaine helps the patient to forgive themselves so they may move on into a new life that is free from regret, self-doubt, and shame.

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