Understanding Risk

Most medical emergencies that are affiliated with Ibogaine can be prevented with the proper medical screening. As with any treatment there are some risks involved with certain patients that do not take well to the treatment. Even with thorough medical screenings, approximately one percent of all patients will require medical attention. It is imperative that patients who undergo Ibogaine therapy abstain from any alcohol, medicines, drugs, or psychoactive plant before, during, and immediately after treatment. Many health issues after Ibogaine therapy come from those patients who turn to methods of self-medication such as these after treatment is finished. If there are any medicines you feel you cannot stop using during treatment, please discuss this with one of our staff members so we can determine the proper treatment plan.

Priority and Safety

Before patients arrive at our treatment facility, all over-the-counter and prescription medicines must be pre-approved before they are brought in. This also includes any medicines that were bought in Mexico after a patient’s arrival. No alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind are permitted at our facilities, and patients will be searched by staff upon checking-in. This is not because we don’t trust our patients, but because we must ensure the safety and well-being of every patient at the treatment facility. It is important that you speak honestly and are open with our staff at Ibogaine Institute. We are all here to help and have worked with hundreds of individuals with the same cares and concerns that you may have, and it is important that we know your history so we can put together the most effective treatment plan possible. It is necessary for our staff to know of any psychological disorders, mental health hospitalizations, or neurological disorders before treatment begins. This will help to determine the need for a mental health professional throughout your treatment.

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